Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pondicherry Invites Keen Property Investors

Pondy is the capital city of the Union Territory of Pondicherry and is the most sought destination of  tourism in the down south.

The city retains the impressions of French rule with colonial buildings, statues, church, architecture and systematic urban town. It is considered as the “Europe of India” preserving huge base of thick flora and fauna and at the same representing unique mix of cultural heritage.

Pondicherry never fails to attract the tourists and therefore is a popular place to spend quality time especially on weekends. Prominent tourist places are Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry Museum, Sacred Heart Church and others. The nearness to city from Bangalore and Chennai makes travel to the city an easy affair. People prefer taking a break from their heavy schedules of professional life and plan their stays in Pondy to have comfortable weekends away from chaotic muddle. Therefore percentage of folks visiting the city is increasing each year.

The swelling tourism figures of the city over a decade demanded the development of the property and with that the role of the developers became prominent. Various real estate players from the neighboring cities and within the Union Territory have undertaken efforts to create comfortable residential places for the tourist.

Infrastructure of the City

Apart from the tourism the city has also received due attention and growth from the manufacturing units established. Numbers of industries are expanding their horizons in the realm. Companies like IBM, Wipro have also established their corporate branches adding to the infrastructure progress.Besides this the transport augmentation and boom in the Real Estate sector also pools to the core strength of the city attracting huge population catty-corners.

Service Apartments in Pondicherry

Service Apartments in Pondicherry
For those who are willing to visit Pondy off lately, make sure you don’t end up paying exorbitant in the hotels. If you are looking for luxury and comfortable stay for your family and dear ones, then service apartments in the city can help you save a lot at the same time assuring premium services as of the hotels or even more.

To elaborate a bit about Service Apartments, these are residential spaces which are used as substitutes for hotels. These apartments have various benefits to draw. Primarily the investor can avail the expediency at much low cost when compared to luxury lodges. Secondly these apartments ensure complete privacy to the investors. The end buyers can stay in the flats till the time period they wish to at much affordable budget.

The interiors of the apartment are designed and decked as a home, so that end buyer’s draws homely feel. One can take up service apartment of any size as per their requirement.

Where to find Best Service Apartments in the Pondicherry?

If your next holiday destination is Pondicherry and major reason for your fret is where to find best service apartments, then stay relaxed, below is the list of few prominent places in Pondy where you can find best residential stays for temporary period.
  • Krishna Nagar
  • Kpdysamy Nagar
  • Victoria Nagar
  • Kottakuppam
  • Mudaliyarpet
The properties are available for both sale and rent basis. The price of the property varies. Usually the common price figure is 840 sq ft-928 Sq. ft (on sale) that differs as per the locality in which the property is situated. On the contrary the rental properties of 1 BHK to 2 BHK falls within the price bracket of INR 5000-7000.

So those willing to find best residential apartments in the city for temporary stays, service apartments in Pondicherry assures quality living, with premium set of amenities and facilities.