Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Real Estate Investment in India

The last decade was a dream run in the Real estate market in India. The growth of real estate  in every  major city is overwhelming and I am very sure everyone shall agree that it was not anticipated.  Investing in real estate has been a growing trend and no amount of inflation seems not to be bothering the unbelievable high prices quoted by the current real estate market .

Property Market India growing on rapid pace
Real Estate Investment in India
Real estate is the clear favorite investment option next to gold, term deposits and insurance. On an average there has been a steep rise in the real estate price by 40% and is still growing. Hence making it the best option for investing and seeing your money grow. The Indian real estate market can easily give investors a cool 200% return in the next five to six years if one invests in the right kind of property. Indian real estate markets have rewritten history in places like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mysore, Kolkatta, Nagpur and much more. The tier two Indian cities have benefitted immensely in the real estate boom. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkatta always have been real estate favorites and have experienced some great projects and never before prices yet the stealer of the show have been defined tier two Indian cities where the growth was unimaginable and overwhelming.  NRI’s constantly look out for investment  options in India be it gold or any other commodity however the best NRI real estate investment in India has been in places like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Noida  and Gurgoan.

The demand of real estate has also resulted in great supply. Many small time builders ventured into the real estate market to make a quick buck but unfortunately not all were successful. As real estate is a buyers market and buyers are extremely wise before investing in any real estate project hence project  that does not come with the right amenities, good location with schools and market are completely ruled out from buying. It would not be wrong to say that real estate is one industry with cut throat competition and competition  doesn’t seem to breathe easy  in the near future. However the quality of the project and timely delivery matters immensely for making a mark in the real estate market. 

The real estate boom has tremendously blessed the poor and  unfortunate who only had a piece of land or an old house to live with at a lucrative location. With the boom, real estate developers bought a number of properties from these property owners as their locations had great potential for commercial and residential value.  This has given an opportunity for the land owners to make their life comfortable with some extra cash flowing through these land deals. Most real estate developers offer a flat as well as cash remunerations making a great difference to their livelihood. 

The real estate revolution has brought out the best from developers  and not made cities just a concrete jungle. So no one  is complaining, though you are paying an exorbitant amount for a property but you are sure to get a spacious space with the right amenities at a good location. So keep your eyes and ears open to spot the right property for growing your hard earned money.